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By a hair's breadth

07:30 The alarm didn’t go off!

08:45 Late for the final rehearsal

13.00 Lunch with my boyfriend’s parents....I’m in knots!

17:00 Relaxing massage

18:30 Makeup and hair backstage

20:00 The curtain rises

18:00 I come home after a hard day's work and get ready for the gym

18:30 Put my gloves on and off to boxing class

19:30 A little more cardio wouldn’t hurt

21:00 Dinner with friends

23:00 DJing at a local fashion show

2:00 I meet Amanda

07:30 Arrive Barcelona

08:30 Quick shower

09:00 Pre-production meeting

18:00 Go over script and make final corrections

21:35 Table for 4 at a Japanese restaurant in the Born

22:30 4’s become 20!

10:00 Rehearsal with the band

13:00 Get store window ready for the new season

18:30 Color refresh and manicure

20:00 Final touches to the music and stage

21:30 Concert begins

00:05 A drink to kick off the night

Analitycs Lendan